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About Blowfish for Headaches

Ok the truth? Creating better, more effective, headache relief wasn't our company's original mission. No, the roots of Blowfish for Headaches lies in...hangovers. You know, those soul crushing, head-splitting, day-after-having-one-too-many afflictions that people far less mature than ourselves get from time to time...?

In 2012, Blowfish for Hangovers was born. Formulated specifically to relieve hangover symptoms, it quickly became America's #1 hangover remedy.

As we paid attention to our customer feedback, we started noticing something—more and more people mentioning they took Blowfish to relieve, not hangovers, but severe headache pain. Neurologists even started contacting us for samples to give to their migraine patients. That made us feel pretty good. And while we haven't conducted official trials and can't make official claims about migraines, we know real people in real pain are using it for real relief. So we've taken the same formula, put it in a new box, under the new name Blowfish for Headaches, in the hopes we can spread the healing even wider. And if you've read all this, maybe it's working. 

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